Thursday, August 27, 2009


Ungh. So much for budgeting. I definitely went over my budget by $120 ish. While I am bummed that I didn't stick to this month's budget, I am still satisfied with my purchases. I did a little back to school shopping. It's a bummer when you start back to school shopping for yourself, as opposed to those good ol' days when your mom took you back to school shopping-and paid for everything, too!

I still haven't discovered the "trick" per se, to completely sticking to my budget. I've followed it really well lately, up until yesterday. I feel guilty for not maintaining it, and yet if I'm satisfied with my purchases, if I know that it's going to last me for a while, doesn't that qualify as a good purchase? Or am I just justifying my spending? I think the part that gets me is knowing that I'm already over budget, so going over a few more dollars won't hurt. This, my friends, is dangerous thinking. How do you stick to a budget when you know you're already over the edge?

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