Monday, August 31, 2009


I was listening to Sherwood Carthen's series from a few weeks back. Man, does he have some fire. One of my favorite quotes was this:

“Most of the people in this room believe that wicked people will be judged. But we don’t ever think of ourselves as wicked.”-Sherwood Carthen

How true is this?! I love it. It's such a good reminder to stop and take a critical look at ourselves before we start pointing fingers of condemnation. We are absolutely no better than any other person. Just because we maybe haven't committed some of the more "glamorous" sins (why do we glamorize certain sins anyways?), doesn't make us any more righteous than those who have. Because we've certainly done our fair share of damage to ourselves, to others, to Christ, to the body of community which we belong to. It was all of our sins that held Christ to the cross, not everybody else's minus mine.

Ah. What a great suckerpunch of humility.

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