Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I love personality tests. Love em. But this is the first type of personality test I've taken that relies on visual profiling! Take it for yourself and see what I mean!

I really love this innovative personality test. My result was "Sofisticat."

"You're stylish with a strong sense of design (true) and a taste for the finer things in life (oxymoronic because I love simplicity too). You're culturally curious (somewhat), enjoy rich experiences (more like rich conversations), and love to be pampered (eh, i don't like the focus to be on me). Passionate and enthusiastic (spot on), you like to share your love of the world around you. For kicks, nothing beats good times with your best friends in the world (so true). You are caring and generous and love to be spoiled a bit from time to time too (yup). You really value your quiet time (really value may be an understatement-it's more like I need it to breathe)-to recharge and reconnect with yourself. You're not afraid to take yourself away from the crowd to explore your imagination alone (I am quite the loner). Spirituality is an important part of your life (again, gross understatement). You appreciate the inner strength and peace of mind that comes from achieving personal acceptance and understanding. When it comes to art, you appreciate precision and hard work (I love attention to details so much!). Nothing is more impressive than real craftsmanship (I agree)."

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