Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today was a great, albeit long day. Today was my bestie's 22nd birthday, and after we pried his hungover booty out of bed and into gear, we had breakfast burritos. We gave him a card, a present, and a batman balloon, because we wanted him to think that was all we had in store for him. He believed us. Silly Bestie.

After class, we sneaked into his room and began decorating. We pulled out all the stops-the room looks great! We had been planning this day for, literally, a month. Tons of planning and time went into this. We eagerly waited for him to come home so he could see his transformed room. And when he finally opened his door, his face was pretty much the best thing ever. It was definitely worth all the effort to make him happy.

It kinda made me draw a parallel to God, and how He put so much work and creativity into making this world, all for the briefest of moments when we humans see a shooting star, or a watercolor sunset and worship Him in response. Those flickers of glory and awe are the equivalent to Bestie's face when he opens the door to his surprise. And God finds those moments so worth all the time He put into creating everything, just for those brief moments of intimacy and clarity with us. How cool is that?

And what's even cooler is that...I mean, I knew Bestie would love whatever we did for him. But that didn't detract from my excitement for the moment when he would see everything. Likewise, God knows the moments where we'll be breath-taken by His majesty, and yet He looks forward to it just the same.

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