Thursday, October 8, 2009


I realize that people drink. And I acknowledge that there is nothing inherently wrong with drinking. In fact, I'm a pretty lenient conservative Christian when it comes to alcohol. But as I was talking with Bestie and my other friend who was there for his birthday night out, I was kinda hit by sadness. That night seemed so...unglorifying to God. As Christians, those who bear Christ's name, are we striving to emulate our namesake in everything we say and do? And yeah, Jesus's first miracle was turning water into wine, I get it. But just because something is permissible doesn't necessarily mean that it's beneficial.

It made me sad to hear how Bestie couldn't remember most of the night-things my friend was telling him happened or even things he had done, he had little to no recollection of. He couldn't walk straight and ended up throwing up. Now I love my bestie, and it sucks hearing about his rough night. I wish he wouldn't do that to himself a) because I care about him and I don't like hearing about him being out of his own control and b) because he is a Christian, proclaiming the name of Christ and not doing too good of a job representing Him and c) because he doesn't even realize that it's not inherently wrong. I've talked with him before about his attitude toward drinking, but we agreed to disagree (reluctantly on my part).

So here's my question. Is drunkenness in and of itself wrong?

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