Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Rant time.

I have never seen a shooting star! And I want to so badly!!! Ahhhh. For some reason, I ALWAYS miss shooting stars. I'll be staring at the sky for the longest time, determined to see one, and as soon as I look away, someone inevitably exclaims, "OMG! A shooting star!!!!" And I always, always, always miss it. So sad, I know. =[

Meteor showers? I always either sleep through them or, like what happened this summer, the fog rolls in and I can't see anything! Tragic.


I wrote this blog a few days ago. Tonight, I went to a bonfire and saw my first shooting star! It totally negated this blog, but since I had finished writing it, I didn't want my written efforts to go to waste. So here it is, documented proof that I have finally seen a shooting star!

It was amazing.

Oh and no, I didn't make a wish. In my excitement, I totally forgot. So sad! =[

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