Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sometimes the want for deviancy is so great, it outshouts the drone of the clinical lights above-head. It's just like how pay day never comes fast enough or how the bills never get smaller or how straight A's are never replicated again.

Like this wind that bites and invites, Orwellian philosophies wrestle and subdue my thoughts. Take a step with me, fall in line, sir. For the next 2 seconds, I will be your lady and you can be my man. But this spark of human connection is too much, too long, and we shuffle our feet and bury our heads.

Today, I was walking to class, and lost in my own iPod-powered world, I didn't notice that I had fallen into stride with a random guy walking next to me. When I finally realized that, I became uncomfortable with the human connection being made, so I sped up and broke the connection. I wondered why I felt so disquieted by the interaction so I just let my thoughts go.

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