Sunday, October 18, 2009


I think that as girls, we are all addicted to love stories. We all just want a man. So when my boy-crazy friend decided to give up boys for the year, I was instantly excited. So far, it's been really interesting. I've had to call her out when she's been facebook-stalking cute guys, or oogling over attractive males around campus. Hah, love it.

But the point here is that we need to be each others' supporters. If the Lord has called us into a time of singleness, we should embrace it and band together to fight off feelings of wanting a relationship. Not to say that we can't ever be in relationships, but just that we spend so much of our single time in life wishing we weren't single. All that negativity is draining and pointless. We should encourage each other to not just be okay with being single, but help each other learn about the amazing aspects of singlehood.

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