Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Oh my gosh, God is SO good and so faithful. Ahhh! I've been going through SUCH a stressful time, and one of the causes of my stress has been a strained relationship with a close friend. Well, after like a 2 1/2 hour conversation tonight, things have been laid bare and are out in the open. I can't even tell you what a relief it's been, even in the short while it's been since we finished the convo.

I didn't think I had the strength to go through with talking to this person. I even wrote a post entitled "A Letter I Don't Have the Courage to Send," where I just wrote out everything that came to mind that this person had done to hurt me. But somehow, God was just there with me and fulfilled His promise to give me the strength I needed to confront this person.

As hard as it was, it felt so freeing just being brutally honest with how I was doing. And I know that my brutal honesty probably definitely hurt this person, but I think it added just some scope to my pain. In essence, I'm not sorry for hurting the other person by letting them see my pain, which is something that is very unusual for me. I'm just so grateful that our friendship was spared.

AND something else I have learned is that I have amazing friends who happen to be prayer warriors! I truly believe their prayers made a huge difference!

Ahhhhhh I just have so much to think about and process and just praise God for! He is so good and worthy to be praised!!!

Thank You, Jesus for tonight!

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