Monday, February 1, 2010


Ramit Sethi is offering a course on freelancing at and I've been really tempted to join the program. The only catch? The $500 price tag. Ouch.

Here's why I think it will be worth it:
1. As a Business student, Ramit has taught me much more about business, specifically marketing, than my professors have! Don't get me wrong, college is great and all, and I have learned a lot from my courses and textbooks, but Ramit pushes me a step further by helping me figure out how to apply the basics to every day life situations. Ramit > college
2. Ramit's no BS attitude, as well as his extremely straightforward, pragmatic approach to pretty much everything is perfect for my kinesthetic learning style. My professors just make me read...gag me.
3. I trust Ramit. Based on his preview lesson sample, I can tell the material is pretty much top-notch stuff. It's quality information and tips, not just "get rich quick" crap. He's also credible (NY Times bestseller, etc)
4. This is the MAIN reason why I believe this course will be worth the hefty price tag. All the tips and lessons will inspire me. Passion is what drives my life. When I feel like I have no purpose, I get depressed really easily, really deeply. Inspiration is invaluable. I know I'll do what it takes to achieve my goals, so long as I have the passion to see my goals realized. Essentially, I'm paying for inspiration, creativity, and motivation.

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