Thursday, April 8, 2010


Here are a few of my own life lessons that I've learned at the ripe age of 19:

-Pray big, get big. Pray small, get small. Our God is big. Really big. Really really really big. If you ask boldly for what you want, it will be given to you. But if you limit God and only ask for a small thing, you'll only get a small thing.

-Something is better than nothing. This applies to so much in life. If you're trying to save money, save something, whether it be $100 or $10, because $10 is still better than saving nothing. If you're studying, better to study only 10 minutes than not at all.

-Focus on the big, forget the little. We have limited resources, and too many options on how to use those resources. If you don't have enough time, prioritize your options and focus on the top 3. If you don't have much spending money, prioritize your wants and spend your money there.

-Don't plan your 100th birthday party until you're 99. In other words, don't be so set in your future. Look forward to the future and plan for it, but don't hold on to your plans too tightly.

And here, just for my own controversial pleasure, is my opinion on how to fix the water crisis that is hitting the West coast and Southwest US (I just read an article about this, so I'm in a ranting mood).

TAKE OUT YOUR LAWNS! Instead, sculpt a beautiful garden with plants that require minimal watering. I just don't understand why we all need green lawns. I'd much rather have that clear, cool drinking water for humans.

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