Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sometimes I feel like nothing is going my way. You know? But the only thing I can claim hold of, the one thing in this world that I know belongs to me and can never be taken away by anyone is my salvation. Because it was never mine to take in the first place. It's almost like any claim on my salvation is invalid because my claim on salvation was never valid to begin with.

When I feel like I can't keep anything together, when I feel like I can't do anything right and I fail at all my relationships, when I feel like I have no one I can trust, the only thing that is solid rock beneath my feet is the love of Christ. And it is upon His grace and His mercy that I can even find my footing. The only place I can stand, the only place that is truly safe and secure. The only place I can truly call my own.

And it is here that I can boast in my weaknesses, because I know I am being made strong through my weaknesses solely because of the power of the living God which resides in me through the Holy Spirit. And if anything about me can serve to bring glory to God, the only one worthy of any praise, then I will boast all the more in Him.

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  1. hi. this was a long post for you.

    this reads kind of like a psalm :)