Monday, January 31, 2011


Good habits start now. That is what I am learning.

In the midst of the chaos of my life which includes nonstop go-go-go action from pretty much 7:30AM to 12:30 AM every day, I lose more and more time for Jesus.

This is heartbreaking in so many ways.

I swore I would never do this. I swore I would never forsake my first love.

And yet, I find myself continually doing it. I keep telling myself that once I get a break, I'll have a quiet time, or I'll read the Bible. But every time I get some free time, I find myself wasting it instead.

Enough is enough. I have learned that procrastination gets me nowhere. The things I say I'll do "when I get some free time," I rarely ever end up doing. To cultivate a good habit, I need to start now.

Life is busy, yes. Life is hard, yes. Life is stressful, yes. But it only gets busier, harder and more stressful from here. If I push God to the side now, He will stay there forever.

I need Him in my life. I miss Him.

I guess this is my confession and repentance.

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