Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Controversial title, I know, sue me.

I was watching The Voice the other night, and it was so poignant for me to watch Beverly, the bald lesbian rocker chick, show her love for Frenchie, one of her competitors on her team. I felt like I could feel the fierceness of her affection, just by listening to the words and the affectionate tone of her voice. I could see the strength of their bond in their body language, and the way they affirmed each other on national television.

I so admire that she is able to stand up and be strong for herself, even though I'm sure her road has been rocky. I think it's beautiful and admirable that she has the courage to love people as intensely as she does, in spite of the hate she's received.

I think I used to love boldly. I think somewhere along the road, I've gotten burned a lot. I've gotten belittled a lot. I've gotten rejected a lot. I feel like my personality shrunk, or maybe just a part of me withered up and died.

I don't know why I feel like I have a sense of loss within myself, but I feel it all the same and I can't shake it off.

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