Monday, July 18, 2011


I have two jobs this summer; I work on campus and I intern downtown. In both my offices, there's a person who brings their dog into work (sometimes my campus job has 2 or 3 dogs!). This has made me realize something-I need a dog! They just instantly brighten my day. They're cute and cuddly and loving and happy, and they make me soooo happy! And they are so, so worth the allergies that come along with them.

Every single day, I've been watching videos of puppies and looking at pictures online.

Who doesn't need some love in their life??

Cavaliers are my favorite, but are 20 times more likely to contract heart disease and have a shorter than average life span. It's like the girls that are always attracted to the bad boys-they know they shouldn't because they'll fall in love and end up heartbroken.

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