Sunday, September 18, 2011


Tonight, I got prophesied over by the pastor and some of the church members at Everyday church in Oceana.

I really appreciate it when God affirms me in multiple ways.

For instance, I've been anxious about my future after graduation; and I work really hard in the present to open up more opportunities for myself in the future. However, I've been questioning if all the time and energy I put into investing in my future now is going to be worth it in the end. I mean, I trust God to provide for me, but I do feel like I need to be proactive in achieving my career goals. So anyways, I've been questioning my workload in my life lately, and over the past week, I've had multiple friends of mine tell me that they think I'm the hardest working person in EPIC. Additionally, Pastor Mark prophesied over me tonight and told me that God was very pleased with me, and He sees my hard work and commends me for it.

Seriously, what could be more reassuring than that? God has my future planned out, and He is completely pleased that I'm working so hard to allow myself more opportunities in the future to go through the doors He opens for me. I feel very comforted and blessed right now.

Pastor Mark also said that God loves that I've learned to release my emotions to Him, but now He wants to release His emotions, name His love, onto me. I don't know what that exactly looks like, but I'm excited to experience it.

What an encouraging night. :)

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  1. you went to Everyday!!! YAY!!!!!! :)