Monday, November 7, 2011


Today, I am very grateful for my friendships.

I've been feeling very worn out lately. Between work and school, I'm probably pulling 50+ hour weeks.

Today was one of those days that I left home at 8:15AM and didn't come home until 11PM. And halfway through my day, I was definitely feeling it. I felt unmotivated, stressed by school, panicked by my apathy, and I just wanted to curl up in bed.

My yucky mood was totally cheered up by my friends. To end my night on a high note, I'm going to recount my happy little anecdotes.

-I texted two of my EPIC UCSB girls asking for prayer for my stresses and bad moods. They sent me back encouraging texts with tons of love and smiley face emoticons. :)

-I gchatted with Bandy about how I was feeling, and he sent me Mt 25:14-30, the parable of the talents, and encouraged me to keep going

-I was sitting in a classroom, waiting for the class to start, when my friend walked by and saw me. He came inside just to give me a hug and ask how I was doing.

-My classmate offered to study with me for our midterm AND bring me noms.

Amidst my world-weariness and burnt out attitude, I am still so grateful that I can call upon my brothers and sisters to help carry my burden and keep me going. I am so thankful that I never have to be alone, and that God sends along just what I need to keep my spirits up.

I feel very humbled by His grace, and the undeserved love of my friends.

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