Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So I'm pretty sure Satan hacked my phone.

Yesterday was a tough day for me. Lately I've been feeling attacked with all these thoughts of "no one likes you" and "you're all alone" that have been echoing in my head. And yesterday was really hard, because I was reaching out to people via text, via facebook, and nobody was responding. I was planning on spending time in the evening being with friends because I had recognized that it probably wouldn't be healthy for me to just be alone. But nobody texted me back, so I stayed in and watched TV and let myself feel sad and alone.

And then literally this morning, I woke up, opened my eyes and prayed, "Jesus, I'm sorry about yesterday. It was a really hard day for me, but I know that You love me and that's where I need to be deriving my worth from, not everybody else. Help me to believe this truth." My prayer was then interrupted by the sound of my phone going crazy! I got a stream of 20+ texts all from yesterday that hadn't gone through to my phone at all! They were all from my friends asking me when I wanted to hang out or where, or just some encouraging words for me.

How silly of me to believe I was all alone! And Satan, stay away from me. And my phone.

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