Thursday, August 16, 2012


I feel like I don't belong here. Not just a physical, geographical place. But here, at this point in my life, surrounded with people around me.

I don't fit in. I think I take everything too seriously. Things that don't bother other people constantly overwhelm me. And when I bring it up, it's always because I've noticed the little things that have bothered me that others would just let go of, and so I am perceived as high maintenance or needy because other people are always "wronging" me.

Where can I go to get away with feeling like I'm a burden, nag, or an annoying little sibling? I hate it when people think I'm spoiled, but I also think I give them a lot of reason to think that.

I think it's really hard for me to find balance between independence and being overly needy.

But I think my biggest challenge is learning how to hold things loosely in my hand. I had a chat with a friend, and the recurring theme in his life right now is the posture with which he approaches his future. Heavily relying upon His promises and faithfulness with hope, but holding his life and his future loosely in his hand.

I think that's the place that I need to go. Constantly fearing for my future is exhausting.  Constantly fearing negative perception is exhausting.

I'm looking for a place of abundance.

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