Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have a new conviction. After hearing this really great sermon by a pastor at Reality in Santa Barbara, I've decided to save kissing for my wedding. I don't think it's glorifying to God. All it does is lead to temptation. And yes, while it may be an expression of love, and it's certainly fun, I just think it's more important to guard your heart and mind. All the physical pleasure can come later.

Monday, February 22, 2010


As a lot of you probably know, I totally love Frankie B jeans. They fit me so well (which is nearly impossible when you're of my stature). I found this video which cleverly communicates what type of "lifestyle" this brand wants to represent. This is their target consumer.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Oh, Lordy. I can't believe I resisted watching The Notebook for so long. I FINALLY saw it on TV tonight, and oh my goodness. I am winded. It just took my breath away (hah, yes I was going for cheesy). Man. Makes me love love. Makes me believe in romantic love-that some people can still make a marriage work.

Ok, enough estrogen.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Anthropologie never disappoints.

Bolts-Of-Lightning Maillot $168

Ebbing Tide Maillot $178

Lake Ripples One-Piece $168

If you're wondering why they're all one pieces, I will admit that I'm all for bikinis and tanned tummies, but I'm considering going on summer project to Hawaii for seven weeks, and I've been informed that there is a dress code for swimwear. I'm trying to decide between the first two swimsuits, although I do love the classiness of the last one. Not sure if I have the height to pull off the second one, even though I am in lust over it.

Monday, February 8, 2010


That is how I feel. Like no matter what I do, I am letting someone down. Or I am hurting someone I care about.

Why is living so hard sometimes.

I can't balance my life anymore. Ugh.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Why do girls feed off of each other so much? It's like everything is just heightened by a group of talkative girls. It's funny because our way of comforting one another kind of encourages negativity or a sense of entitlement to feel however you feel. Maybe we have too much grace with each other and not enough truth.

Something convicting: When it comes to things God despises, gossip is mentioned more times than murder in Psalms. My friend posted that on facebook, and it convicted me as soon as I saw it.

I think with me, I struggle with gossip simply because EPIC is a small group of people, so we're all up in each other's business. I never intend for people to be hurt by what I say, and for the most part I'm pretty careful about not letting stuff slip. But I hate it when something has happened that affects me and my emotions, because I feel like I'm put in a tricky place-do I keep my emotions to myself and not talk it over with anyone simply because I want to protect the other person? Or do I place my emotions before the situation and just talk about it and get it all out?

It's hard because I know it's healthy to talk about how I'm feeling, but it's such a fine line between that and gossip. I think I'll spend my entire life trying to figure how to balance this one out.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Ramit Sethi is offering a course on freelancing at and I've been really tempted to join the program. The only catch? The $500 price tag. Ouch.

Here's why I think it will be worth it:
1. As a Business student, Ramit has taught me much more about business, specifically marketing, than my professors have! Don't get me wrong, college is great and all, and I have learned a lot from my courses and textbooks, but Ramit pushes me a step further by helping me figure out how to apply the basics to every day life situations. Ramit > college
2. Ramit's no BS attitude, as well as his extremely straightforward, pragmatic approach to pretty much everything is perfect for my kinesthetic learning style. My professors just make me read...gag me.
3. I trust Ramit. Based on his preview lesson sample, I can tell the material is pretty much top-notch stuff. It's quality information and tips, not just "get rich quick" crap. He's also credible (NY Times bestseller, etc)
4. This is the MAIN reason why I believe this course will be worth the hefty price tag. All the tips and lessons will inspire me. Passion is what drives my life. When I feel like I have no purpose, I get depressed really easily, really deeply. Inspiration is invaluable. I know I'll do what it takes to achieve my goals, so long as I have the passion to see my goals realized. Essentially, I'm paying for inspiration, creativity, and motivation.