Sunday, August 30, 2009


It's funny but I've never really been into New Year's Resolutions, but I've always loved New School Year Resolutions, haha.

So with the new school year approaching, I'm considering doing two things. The first, is keeping a Money Diary, a la Ramit Sethi's money diary series. The only thing is, I need to switch it up to make it continually interesting to write/read for a longer period of time than just a week. This idea needs a little more fine tuning.

The second idea is to take a picture of my outfit every day. But my outfits can sometimes fail to inspire even me, or I'll throw on a tee shirt and jeans before rushing to class and therefore, have a blah outfit. Maybe I'll take a picture of someone's outfit each day, a la The Sartorialist although mine will be a lot less beautifully photographed haha. At the same time, I like the idea of a chronological time line of outfits, styles, and trends that I am into.

If I do either (or both), I will make separate blogs. If I choose to do just one, I may stick with this blog. I'll make a post about it when I do decide.

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