Monday, August 24, 2009


"I'm not obligated to be holy I was created to be holy, when I am not living in holiness I am living in loneliness, be holy & u will be happy."-Jaeson Ma


Who knew that Twitter posts could be so thought-provoking? I especially love the line "when I am not living in holiness, I am living in loneliness." You know why that's true? Because when we are in holiness, we are united with our Creator. When we choose to turn our backs and walk away from the very Giver of life Himself, we walk into sin, and God cannot follow us into sin.

And yet the curious part is that even if we've walked 1,000 miles away from Him, whenever we decide to give up our brokenness, to submit once again to the furious love of our Abba Father, we find that He is closer than a step away, waiting to reach in and banish the darkness with His holiness and light.

It's kind of like sitting in a dark closet with the light off, scared of all the monsters that lurk about. When you ask Him for help, He turns on the light and you can see every facet of your life so much clearly.

So, here's to light switches.

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