Sunday, September 6, 2009


What, you may ask, determines a bestie? A bestie, by definition, is someone of the opposite sex who is your best friend. We all have one!

My bestie? I have multiple, but this entry, in particular is devoted to a certain one I affectionately refer to as Cougar. When I was thinking up what to write about for the day's blog entry, I asked him for help. I was debating writing something about my preference for bottled water and my rationalizations behind the economical and ecological repercussions. He nixed it, saying it only seemed "moderately entertaining." When pressed for a more entertaining topic, he stalled, and I came up with the brilliant idea of writing about him! So, bestie, this one's for you.

Top 10 Reasons Why My Bestie Is Better Than Yours (with help from a mutual friend who shares my bestie with me)
1. He helps us understand the phenomenon which is known as a man crush/bromance (if you're wondering, his bromance is with his golf coach).
2. Provides endless hours of free entertainment from his sarcastic wit and unparalleled eyebrow raises
3. Provides even more entertainment from his delightful quotes, usually heightened by slight inebriation ("It's because I'm an ISTJ.")
4. Although he gets confused with clockwise and counterclockwise, he can tell left from right, sometimes, if his watch is flat and facing up, not down (what?)
5. He offers educational entertainment as well, doubling as a nature guide whilst walking through forests ("This is where Frodo Baggins lives.")
6. He takes us to cool places, like Pismo Beach and the zoo!
7. He can roll his R's
8. He enjoys playing with his sister's pet chinchilla, even when it is "fussy"
9. Provides everyone with free pork from his manly hunting hobby
10. He genuinely cares about and listens to us while maintaining his "bankroll" in several online poker sit and go tournaments.

And there you have it, folks! I love my bestie!

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