Saturday, September 19, 2009


I had a conversation with a dear friend earlier this evening. I was trying to verbalize some mixed feelings I was having about my role in ministry. As I was trying to clarify what I felt, I ended up describing to her what my ultimate desire is, for whatever God has gifted and called me to do.

I want my body to be a big glass box. Follow me, here. I desire to be made of pure, Windex-shiny glass with a light inside of me that is radiating brilliance in all directions out of me. I want everyone to look at me and only see God. I want to be transparent, completely see-through. I want myself out of the picture; I want no glory. I want every action, every thought, every word to reflect the inner light I have.

Her response was reassuring for me. Basically, I was on the fence about having a title in ministry because I felt it would be good for me to focus my passion on something specific, but I was so afraid I would make it about myself and my pride. My friend explained that because of my desire to glorify God, I was already glorifying God because I was seeking after His heart. It's pretty cool to think about; I liked her spin on it. Just the desire to glorify God is in and of itself, glorifying Him.

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