Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Is this what the mean when they say they "feel alive"?

Today was amazing. I felt invincible. Skipped class, called up a friend, having the urge to get out of SLO (as much as I love it here and all). We jumped in the car, picked a direction (South) and just drove and talked. When we finished our conversation, we were in El Capitan. We decided to go to Santa Barbara for dinner, and we called up a friend at UCSB. Turned out she was about to head over to someone's house for an EPIC leadership meeting, so we sat in on their meeting.

Soooo inspiring. It was such an amazing reminder of our purpose in EPIC, and so encouraging to hear what God is doing in Santa Barbara. And just seeing their hearts for the Lord and the ministry was so sweet.

God is so good. I think what I loved most about the trip was that it was a literal parallel to our lives. We both are trusting God with our lives and our futures. We don't know where we're going, but we're trusting that God will show us the way. And look-God led us from SLO with just a general direction, and He took us to a place to experience fellowship, peace, freedom, and joy. PTL! Can I get a witness?!

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  1. AMEN!! :)

    It was the most refreshing & edifying time!!!!!! Something that I really needed....thanks for being able to share this experience with me! I LOVE U!! <3